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JSC "IMC" provides services of insuring transported cargoes. The choice of an additional insurance program is done based on the cargo owner’s wishes, transportation requirements and nature of cargo.

When determining the tariff for a specific shipment (contract), the following factors are taken into account:
  • Cargo type;
  • Selected insurance coverage;
  • Shipment terms;
  • Term of relations with the Agent;
  • Declared shipment volumes;
  • Loss statistics of the insured;
  • Shipment route.

Insurance is executed, depending on the nature of shipments, both by one-time policies covering individual shipments, and by a general policy. A general policy is an agreement on insurance of specific cargoes on the terms and conditions agreed by the Insurer and the Insured, and it covers all the shipments announced by the Insured.

Countries of Coverage of the Insurance Payouts:

Insurance coverage is guaranteed in all the countries of the world and with any means of transportation, including insurance of pipeline transportation. Insurance coverage corresponds to the world standards and is executed according to the licensed Cargoes Insurance Rules.
If you would like to find out the insurance rates, you can contact employees of the departments.

You can obtain additional information on cargo insurance by calling +7 (495) 27-602-27;
you can also e-mail your questions to:

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